Don't Drone On. Play to Win.

Our Whiteboard and Property Pitch Videos show your clients and prospects that you are playing to win. Get your message across with engaging videos that capture your target audience's attention and hold it for the sale.

Bring Your Properties To Life

Don't just tell them about your properties or drone on about them, show them what you've got & where you've got it.

Better Strategy

Show your clients they made the right decision by choosing you. You've got better & smarter strategy to market & sell their property.

Get Your Message Across

Our videos let you tell a better story to get your message across more effectively & efficiently. Show you've got better ideas and a better way to tell them with CRE Hub videos.


CRE Promo & Pitch Video

Drone videos have limited reach, and let's face it, they can be a little boring. Bring your OMs to life and WOW 'em with our CRE Video OMs. Showcase your property's features, area, and highlights integrating satellite imagery via Google Earth footage, custom graphics, and yes, even your drone video, to tell a story that blows your clients and buyers away so you can close the deal.

Whiteboard Videos

Have something you need explained or would you like to communicate new processes, services, or opportunities to your team, prospects, or clients in a more engaging way? Ask us about our whiteboard explainer and instructional videos. Our branded videos will be sure to get your message across while keeping your audience's attention.

Show 'em What You've Got
CRE Promo & Pitch Videos
from $449
  • Integrate satellite imagery & drone (optional)
  • Property & investment highlights
  • Regional overview
  • Include music & voiceover (optional)
  • Capture the whole trade area
  • Add retailer logos & nearby attractions
  • Show nearby highways, streets, & traffic counts
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Time to Show & Tell
Whiteboard Videos
from $375
  • Share your message in a more engaging way
  • Educate & inform your prospects and clients
  • Develop with your own style & branding
  • You can provide the script or we develop it for you
  • Up to 2 minutes in length
  • Includes music
  • Add voiceover (optional)
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``Working with Victoria and CRE Hub was a pleasure. They created a property pitch video for one of our listings. When I showed my client the video, his reaction was, 'Dude, home run!' We knew the video was good and his reaction clinched it.`` Thanks! -- Mike W., | Investment Sales | National CRE Company

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